Round Pendant Necklaces

Round Pendant Necklaces

Be more stylish and show your own flair with Teeshirt21 Round Pendant Necklace. These small pieces of jewelry could be meant to be your perfect present to give your beloved one. These necklaces are well designed by independent artists around the world and made from only top quality jewelry, sublimation inks are used to produce vibrant, brilliant colors that will not fade or scratch. We ensure that the necklaces are in excellent condition and suitable for everyone. It’s could be tribute gifts for your mom or dad on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, for your cat friends, and an award for yourself as being a great person. At Teeshirt21, our customizable accessories will definitely please the strictest ones.

What makes Teeshirt21 Different? 

  • Well made 

  • A variety of designs and products for you to choose from.

  • High-quality materials using images printed on high-quality paper then sealed under a glass dome. All our jewelry is printed in our studio using professional processes that under USA certification.

  • Easy to order and track the shipping process. Your order is shipped to your door or wherever within 3 to 10 business days.  

  • Replacement and a full refund within 30 days of delivery are always possible if you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase for any reason. Even when you have placed the size or the color that didn’t fit your beauty, we are also willing to help with processing another one with a discount.  

  • Support the young and enthusiastic independent artists around the world by purchasing our products that have their designs.

Teeshirt21’s tips to wear (and not wear) a round pendant necklace

  • Pair with a V-neck 

Pendant necklaces with V-necks are easy to win the look combination. Its complementary shapes frame your head nicely and add a polished finish touch to both formal and casual looks. These pairs help draw attention to your face and light up your complexion. 

  • Boatneck and off-shoulder shirts are the canvas to highlight your pendant

Embellish your boatneck shirt with a round pendant necklace to highlight your lace. Choose a simple printed design necklace would be perfect. It’d not distract the eyes, the boat neck shirt has a big role as an enhancement factor to your necklines and your collarbone.

  • Say no to any kind of turtle shirt with massive prints

Let the high neckline speak for itself, rather than overwhelming the neck area with confusing print turtle shirts. It’ll overshadow your pretty round pendant necklaces. A draped collar needs nothing more than a stage on its own.

  • Layer your delicate necklace

Combine your necklaces together from the longest then all the way to the shortest and see what goes well with you until you get the look you want. Mix and match different colors, sizes, with and without pendants. This is a great style to be worn with a deep V-neck shirt or a dark monochromatic turtle neck shirt. Do it symmetrically with a high neck shirt and you get the office look, or disorderly to rock the chic look on summer days!

  • Classic mix and match with a silk camisole, slip dress, and shirt

For those who want to look comfy and still trendy. Just jazz up your outfit with our Teeshirt21 round pendant necklaces. You want to stick with a plain basic camisole and a pair of jeans, get yourself a wide-brimmed hat, you are ready to go and rock the Coachella.

Take the light-shade cardigan or any type of jacket that pops your slip dress. This tip help transform your outfit into an extravagant one by adding a simple round pendant necklace. Heil accessories power!

Hello friday night or any night that you need dance, alcohol, or just want to look bold and charming for your date after work. Just open your collared shirt, stick to your delicates, and voila, here you are, a confident and attractive one.

Does Teeshirt21 provide other amazing items?

Definitely! Teeshirt21 offers you a wide range of top-quality items of clothing that you may love - T-Shirts, Youth shirtsHoodiesSweatshirts, Long Sleeves, Flowy Tanks, Tank Tops, V-neck T-shirts. Check out our collection now and get the coolest items for yourself! 


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