V-Neck T-Shirts

V-Neck Shirts

Teeshirt21 V-neck the answer for T-shirt’s time off

T-shirt - a staple of your wardrobe that never out of date, it could be casual and formal too. T-shirts are the answer to what to wear questions all of the time. The downside of t-shirts is it’s too convenient and easy to make a decision, and that sticks you with a boring image. T-shirts need time off, and most of the time, people are not comfortable with being out of their comfort zone. V-neck shirt is the answer.

Funny how throwing a little V in the neckline can make a T-shirt look classier, but it totally does. Nice enough to wear to the club and casual enough to wear around the house, Teeshirt21 V-neck shirts are well made from cotton and printed in the U.S.A, follow North American standards.

Why V-neck shirt? The history and revolution

V-necks have only been around since the 1960s as the new version of T-shirts to make the letter T-forming cloths a little variation and at that time, V-necks were just for man. It has been noticed after people used V-neck shirts to hide the collar fabric of other shirts that were worn over them. Today, V-necks become much of a staple of the fashion world for both genders. 

Nowadays, V-neck shirts are often worn by themselves. V-necks are knowing for their affordable price and well effect contoured body and dept the face, and cleavage as well. They sculpt faces into more angular, makes you look fit. The ability to alter physical appearance is its pros that many people seeking, particularly for rounder or squarer face.

Why you should choose V-neck shirts at Teeshirt 21?

  • Well made V-neck Shirt. Our shirts made with durable and breathable fabric, endurance sewing stitches that comfortable to wear in the clubs, or during intensive activities.

  • A variety of designs and products for you to choose from.

  • High-quality materials with USA certification.

  • Easy to order and track the shipping process. Your order is shipped to your door or wherever within 3 to 10 business days.  

  • Replacement and a full refund within 30 days of delivery are always possible if you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase for any reason. Even when you have placed the size or the color that didn’t fit your beauty, we are also willing to help with processing another one with a discount.  

  • Support the young and enthusiastic independent artists around the world by purchasing our products that have their designs.

Teeshirt21 mix and match V-neck shirts tips 

  • Casual and sporty with jeans 

Going to the park, hanging out with friends, going to the pub, working in the office, or buying groceries, pair your jeans with monochromatic V-necks and you will get the most perfect look. It’s the perfect combination for an outfit that is casual and relaxed. 

You can be more playful with minimalism accessories like a pair of stud earrings, a golden rose necklace, some bracelets that match your shirt. For man, we recommend you have a watch colors match with your V-necks, in cool weather, you could wear one more layer with bombers. Remember to keep your outfit have the same tones, and no more than 4 colors you are wearing.

  • Simple yet formal with a blazer

Layer it up with a blazer and of course a pair of trousers in the same colors. Your V-neck should have contrasting colors and an impressive design on it. For a woman, try to mix it with a pencil skirt or linen shorts. And now you have an outfit that is well suited and looks professional.

  • Track pants and ready for the gym.

Hit to the gym in Teeshirt21 V-neck and everyone will look at you and wonders where do you get that hyper shirt? Pair it with your track pants and ready to sweat out, getting healthier. Our V-neck shirts are made from combed cotton, which is breathable and comfortable to wear while you are working out.

Does Teeshirt21 provide other amazing items?

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